Vinyl Passion Music Room Update

The guys at Vinyl Passion Music Room say they are looking forward to you joining them again this year at the highly esteemed North West Audio HiFi Show on the weekend of June 29th-30th. Cranage Hall is a superb venue with easy free parking, free entry tickets and excellent hotel & restaurant facilities, set in a superb rural backdrop – and of course with abundant superb music and HiFi, Records and Accessories …so well worth a visit!

This year they say they have an excellent room ‘Hawking’ on the Ground Floor just to the left of the main entrance and they will be showing & demonstrating the very latest versions of their custom built Vinyl Passion Turntables fitted with their full range of modifications for the Linn LP-12 & Thorens TD-150 Turntables and as always their range of Missing Link Audio Cables.   

Their VP-12 Turntable with  full range of LP-12 upgrades and fitted with Origin Live Tone Arm and Audio Technica ART-9 MC Cartridge is the turntable that was awarded Best Sound of Show at Stylus by Reviewer Chris Ward – they will be demonstrating this at the show complimented with very affordable equipment to give the opportunity to hear for yourself just how good this turntable really sounds !  “Big & Beautiful” is how they describe it and adding “so do come for a listen …we are excited about playing previously unheard loudspeakers from the Kralk Audio Speaker Company – The BC 30/4” – These are large 4 way floor standing loudspeakers that will be available exclusively from the Vinyl Passion Music Room.

They will be using a full Vincent System showing the very finest they have to offer with real-world integrated amplification including the Hi Fi World Award Winning 2019 best integrated amplifier Vincent 237MK at an affordable £1850 offering the best of both valve and solid state in one convenient package – mated with the affordable Audio Detail NV-06 MM/MC Nu-Vista all valve Phono Stage £1195 and the Vincent PHO-701 Phono Stage at £595. 

Vinyl passion say “We will be using our latest new & very exciting ‘Revolution’ Microprocessor Controlled, Turntable Power Supply for the LP-12 – this has been a 5 year project with plans to launch for sale by the early autumn”.

Also on show will be their New Conversion Kit for the Thorens TD-150 fitted with the full Vinyl Passion upgrades making it a VP-150  for those tighter budgets and they will have latest cartridges from Audio Technica  including the new AT 95ML MM Cartridge -at £150 for a micro-line profile MM cartridge


Please feel free to bring your own vinyl if you would like to hear it through their system on the day…

Saturday 2pm they will be playing the full LP Amused to Death by Roger Waters and Sunday 2pm theye will be playing the full 1812 overture.

Vinyl Passion Revolution LP-12 Power Supply  – 2 speed Transformer Based with 85% efficiency  

Unsatisfied with the performance of other internal power supplies on the market Vinyl Passion, after extensive research, has produced the new ‘Revolution’ Power Supply.   “Power supplies based on old resistor designs like the Valhalla and Hercules are highly inefficient,” says Mark of Vinyl Passion “at only15% and generate considerable heat to reduce voltage, even when not in use, with running temperatures of 115 degrees centigrade. This over time distorts the metal components inside the LP-12 including the sub-chassis. These resistor based supplies have distorted output wave forms and bad phase balance over each winding, sometimes by up to 10v out of phase – this also applies to the ‘Mober’ off board supply.”

Having spent two years working with Maxton on the latest DC motors Mark was hoping this was the way forward, but after continued experimentation listening to and measuring the ‘Radical’ and the ‘DC Mober’ he became convinced that the amount of noise and vibration created by even the very best DC motors, that the original Linn 24 pole AC Motor could still be superior – just listen to a DC powered turntable closely with your ear !

After much experimentation they were convinced that if the good old 24 pole motor was driven by the correct supply with a good phase voltage balance and a true low distortion sinusoidal waveform , and they added the ability to programme the supply to reduce running voltage once the platter was up to speed, this would virtually eliminate motor vibration and noise and greatly reduce RFI & EMI at the same time, as in the idea incorporated in a Lingo 3. Further if they incorporated the latest in microprocessor controlled electronics – to create a less distorted waveform – they would have a power supply more accurate than ever before!

The new 2 speed ‘VP Revolution’ Power supply is transformer based and 85% energy efficient.

The Revolution will be on demonstration at the North West Audio Show so you can judge for yourself how well this performs. It is already giving us measurements of 0.05 Wow & Flutter – this is the lowest we have ever measured from an LP-12 – VP-12 say Vinyl Passion. Adding ” We always use a stethoscope on the top plate to listen to turntables during setup and when the new Revolution is fitted and running it is totally silent – something we have never encountered before on an LP 12 …so very exciting times for LP-12 users”.

They hope to have 100 units ready for market this autumn with a retail price of £395 and have an introductory offer for pre-production orders placed at the show…ask for details when visiting their room.

They will be offering generous trade-in prices on old power supplies making this more affordable than ever – Hercules £150px, Valhalla £80px, Linn Majik £140 px. Mark says that “First prototype listening tests are outstanding, outperforming our expectations on the bench and in the listening room & the finished version will be even better”

Gik acoustics UK Will be providing room treatment, support equipment will be Atacama Evoque Eco 60-40 and of course a full loom of Missing Link cables