Townshend Audio At North West Audio Show

Townshend Audio At North West Audio Show

Many hi-end audio systems now incorporate Townshend’s multiple award-winning products. Totally isolating all turntables, disk players, streamers, computers, DACs and amplifiers, ranging to all speakers including large floor-standing speakers. Townshend Seismic Isolation improves the entire audio set-up. The Townshend method of isolation, is effective down to 3Hz, functioning in all three planes. This approach is unique within the audio industry, “achieving astonishing and outstanding levels of performance”. Visit the Townshend stand at North West Audio Show to witness the true effectiveness of these products first hand.

New Product Launches:

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Townshend is extremely pleased to announce a new and highly re-developed version of the famous Seismic Sink™ Equipment Support.

For those who seek the finest examples of each and every audio product they own, Townshend has designed and developed this new support to fulfil this suspension role. As a manufacturer of very high-end turntables, it has been Townshend’s goal to provide the very best isolation capabilities possible.

The new Seismic Sink™ works equally well with all digital sources and even with appropriately sized amplification. The new model features an enhanced version of Townshend’s extremely successful Loadcell system. An obvious improvement has been the new zero maintenance requirement, meaning set and forget setup. The isolation abilities have been made to work throughout the entire audio bandwidth and beyond.

The Seismic Sink™ is a no-holds-barred approach to achieve the maximum isolation, regardless of the supported equipment weight or its distribution. This is achieved by careful positioning of additional counter-weights inside the Seismic Sink™, which ensure precise levelling with maximum isolation. Developed for the legendary Rock Turntables, your very own deck can now become the turntable of your dreams.

Townshend Supertweeter Stand

Be among the first to see the new Townshend Supertweeter Stand. Solving many Supertweeter mount problems typical with round top, large panel and horn speakers. The New Townshend Supertweeter Stand provides a secure and convenient mechanism for the use of this essential addition to you your hi-end system.

Recent Successes:

The overwhelming responses to the introduction of both the Fractal™ Interconnects and the Fractal™ Isolda Speaker Cables have been marvellous. In print and online around the world, the feedback has been extremely gratifying. More and more are replacing their cables with Townshend Fractal™, experiencing the joy of the improvement, where the difference is simply astounding.