Supra Cables At NWAS

Supra Cables will be exhibiting at the NW Audio Show, being held at Cranage Hall, Byley Lane, Holmes Chapel, in Cheshire from 29th-30 June 2019. 

They will have a limited number of products on Show, including:

The Mk 111 Supra Mains Distribution Blocks (in various types – Non-Filtered, Filtered or Surge Protected and featuring from 4-11 UK sockets on each block).

LoRad SPC (Silver-Plated Mains Cable) and standard LoRad 1.5 and 2.5 (in factory terminated sets or bought off the reel for the DIYer). We’ll have some Supra UK mains plugs and IEC connectors too.

Supra award winning USB cables.

Supra Cat 8 Ethernet cables. 

All will be available at Special Show Prices for visitors only…l.