Source Sounds Rocking Audison Full Digital Audio System in a Car

Source Sounds, Sheffield will attend The North West Audio Show on the 23rd and 24th June. A first time for car audio, Source Sounds will be demonstrating two vehicles in an outdoor area. Each car will be installed with state-of-the-art Hi-res audio systems, featuring equipment by Italian specialist manufacturer Audison.

Source Sounds has been a leading UK installer of car audio upgrades for over 25 years leading the way in treating car owners to the kind of hi-fi sound they are accustomed to at home. Unlike a living room, a car is a very awkward environment in which to create a sound stage. In many cases, standard speaker positions fire across the vehicle meaning special care has to be taken with equipment selection and sophisticated sound processing including time alignment employed to ensure all occupants enjoy a flawless audio experience.

But the basis of good sound in a car begins even before this, as doors and other vibrating panels need to be treated to offer a rigid base on which to build good audio. Source Sounds are the best in their field and will be on hand to explain to show visitors the ins and outs of achieving great car audio. Along with two astonishing demonstration vehicles, Source Sounds will have an amount of products and accessories on show to fully explain the journey from standard fit mediocrity to audio heaven, whatever the vehicle!

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