Ovation High Fidelity Announces New Model 1707 110 Watt Integrated Amplifier

Ovation High Fidelity Announces New Model 1707 110 Watt Integrated Amplifier

Ovation High Fidelity’s new Model 1707 Integrated Amplifier delivers a 110 Watts RMS (8 Ohms) per channel and features a 4-input preamplifier in addition to a MM phono stage.  Two of the line inputs (DAC/Music Server and CD) accept standard 2V digital source input levels while the Tuner and Auxiliary inputs accept 300 mV input signal from legacy analogue sources.

The built-in phono amplifier includes a rumble filter which attenuates unwanted sub-sonic frequencies arising from warped or off-centre records.  A pre-out facility taken after the volume control allows a second amplifier or a sub-bass to be connected to the Model 1707. Borrowing technology from the company’s top of the range Model 1501 Preamplifier, all small-signal switching on the Model 1707 is accomplished using high performance hermetically sealed relays. The Model 1707 features IR remote control and a front panel mounted headphone socket output (30 to 600 Ohms). “Careful attention to signal integrity requirements, preamplifier, power supply design and PCB layout result in very low, distortion and noise levels, while the low noise MM phono stage S/N ratio exceeds 76 dB ref 5mV input” say Ovation.

The class AB amplifier features wide bandwidth, fast rise/fall times and can deliver short term loudspeaker current demands in excess of 20 Amps per channel enabling it to drive difficult speaker loads with ease. A generously over-specified output stage, coupled to an ultra-low noise power supply, utilizes 6 x 250 Watt power transistors per channel, which Ovation say guarantees the Model 1707 “will deliver concert hall sound levels with a big, open, transparent sound providing the listener with a front row seat listening experience.

Comprehensive non-intrusive protection circuitry monitors the Model 1707 integrated amplifier for DC offsets and overcurrent situations, which if arising, will result in the speakers being instantly disconnected from the amplifier output via solid state MOSFET switches.

The Model 1707 Integrated Amplifier retails for £3399, is designed, engineered and assembled in England and comes with a 5- year warranty.  Dealer enquiries welcome.