Malvern Audio Research At North West Audio Show

Mark Himself is going to formally launch his own Audio Detail Monos, whose prototypes were seen last year with Universum 3 horns, but
this year it will be complete system with the matching preamp based on 101 DHT technology. 
Firstr time in the UK in Marks room we are going to present hORNS Symphony model, to celebrate his own achievement together.
First time in the UK we are going to show the Pre Audio New  ASP – 1501 NG  model with an integrated compressor on board, just launched in Munich
Janine was writing about it.
And finally we are bringing new cable brand to the UK – The Luna Cables from Canada and we are going to keep a demo display in the room and all cables
from Mauve range will be used to connect sysyem in Marks room.