Leema Acoustics, Chord Electronics and The Chord Company At Cranage

Leema Acoustics, Chord Electronics and The Chord Company At Cranage

Here’s a rundown of Leema Acoustics’, Chord Electronics’ and The Chord Company’s activity this weekend at The North West Audio Show 2018.

Leema Acoustics

World debut of the (production version) Sirius streaming music server
Elements Ultra phono stage
Tucana II Anniversary Edition integrated amplifier
Reference 2 cable range
(Plus Elements range on static display)

Info: Leema Acoustics will debut the production version of the new Sirius streaming music server at the show and for analogue lovers, will also be supporting a vinyl front end with the Elements Ultra phono stage. The new Tucana II Anniversary Edition integrated will be providing the amplification with all cabling from Leema Acoustics’ great value Reference 2 range. Further products from the compact-chassis Elements range will also be on a static display.

Where: Bedroom 4 (Ground floor, Mian Audio Distribution)

Chord Electronics

UK debut for Munich-launched Etude amplifier
UK debut for Munich-launched Hugo TT 2 desktop amp/DAC
BLU MKII digital/CD transport with M Scaler technology
DAVE DAC/preamp/headphone amp

(review here)

TToby stereo power amp

Info: The world’s leading digital audio and amplification specialist will have two systems at show and will UK-debut the Munich-launched Etude stereo power amplifier and Hugo TT 2 DAC/pre/headphone amp. The new Etude features the Kent-based manufacturer’s first all-new amplifier topology in nearly thirty years and the new Hugo TT 2 increases processing power five-fold over the original. The company’s best value amplifier in the range, the TToby, will provide amplification duties for the new Hugo TT 2.

Chord Electronics will also have its ground-breaking BLU MKII M Scaler technology upsampling digital transport and DAVE DAC/preamp combination, described by What Hi-Fi? as the finest transport they’ve heard. The duo represents the most advanced digital replay system in the world and is one not to miss. Speakers will be provided by KEF: Reference 1 on the Choral Etude system and the LS50 on the TT system.

Where: Pascal (first floor) 

The Chord Company

Demonstrations from entry-level streaming cables to the flagship ChordMusic in a LINN/Innuos system

Info: The Chord Company will be demonstrating new and recently launched products including streaming cables, analogue and digital interconnects, plus speaker cables featuring the new Sound and Vision 2018-launched ChordOhmic plugs. Chord Company employees Pat and Martin will be on hand to answer questions and offer advice over the weekend; The Chord Company will be hosted by retailer Brian and Trevors.

Where: Mercer (Ground Floor, Brian and Trevors)