In Car Hifi At North West Audio Show

In Car Hifi At North West Audio Show

Hi-res audio is well and truly established now and Source Sounds has been at the forefront of hi-res installs into car audio systems for the past four years. We are pleased to be bringing a BMW Mini into which has been installed a discrete system which utilises an Audison bit Play HD as a source unit.

The digital story does not end there however as rather than convert to analogue at this point, audio signals remain in the digital domain while fed to an Audison bit ONE HD signal processor which looks after essential time alignment and equalisation and then onto an Audison Voce 5.1K HD five-channel amplifier where the hi-res digital signals are finally converted to analogue.

This pure source approach ensures a lossless transfer in a traditionally inhospitable environment ensuring immunity from the influence of other on board systems.  The car runs a three-way speaker system actively and provides unbelievable quality. A pair of revolutionary Audison Thesis TH 1.5 II tweeters mounted in the front car pillars in custom pods while the standard 3” mid-range speakers have been replaced with Audison Voce drivers. The troublesome standard under seat woofers have been replaced with plug in replacements from German Manufacturer Eton and are now run as subwoofers offering staging and balance sadly lacking from the standard or even car dealer upgrade systems.

Source will be offering demonstrations of the Mini in order to demonstrate just how far car audio has come since the bad old days of four 12” subwoofers crammed into the back of a Citroen Saxo! – This car has to be experienced to be believed.

Source Sounds will also be distributing the UK’s only specialist car audio magazine, Driving Sounds, to show visitors.