Hana Phono Cartridges At North West Audio Show

New Hana M Series is re-defining value for money in the cartridge world, say Air Audio, the UK’s distributor for Hana.

You will most likely have heard of the Hana cartridge brand, for the past three years these Japanese high and low output cartridge ranges have been winning awards worldwide, for their sound qualities and terrific value for money. The newest Hana ML (low output) and MH (High output) moving coil cartridges are the latest in the Hana portfolio and the most expensive at £995.00p.  Both high and low output options are similar in construction (the high output option is designed to work with a moving magnet ‘MM’ phono-stage), with a body manufactured from black Delrin and gold plated brass damping plate.  The active moving parts internally are all cryogenically treated, the stylus is a nude natural diamond cut with a Microline profile and attached to an aluminium cantilever; the cartridge ‘engine’ consists of super pure copper wire windings and an Alinco magnet.

‘Hana’ in Japanese roughly translated means beautiful and brilliant, and the Hana M series are living up to this.  The sound quality has been described as ‘awesome’ at its price point, with a delicate, almost filigree top end air, coupled to a midrange just on the sweet side of invisible, all held together with an architectural solidity at the bottom end.  A hard mix to produce at any price, and unheard of under £1,000 … until now, says the UK’s distributor’s press release.  

Hear the new Hana ML at the North West Audio (Cranage, Cheshire) Show 29th-30th June in the Ovation and Malvern Audio Research rooms.