Chord Electronics At North West Audio Show

Kent-based digital and analogue audio specialist, Chord Electronics, who is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, will be demonstrating its latest digital front end, the new Hugo M Scaler (upscaler) and DAVE DAC/pre/headphone amp, at The North West Audio Show 2019.

The latest technology digital source component will be perfectly complemented by the recently introduced Etude stereo power amps, which offer a taste of the company’s latest analogue technology thanks to Chord Electronics’ new Dual Feed Forward amplifier topology, the first all-new amp circuit since the company’s inception in 1989.

The compact high-resolution system, which will be used in conjunction with fellow Maidstonian KEF’s R11 loudspeakers, demonstrates both the latest digital and analogue technologies from the British manufacturer. The Hugo M Scaler and DAVE DAC combination is capable of upscaling standard 44.1kHz audio to 705.6kHz (or 768kHz from a 96kHz input signal), an incredible 16x the resolution of standard CD, thanks to Chord Electronics’ biggest-ever tap-length filter, which has for the first time, broken the 1,000,000-tap barrier.

Hugo M Scaler £3,495; DAVE £8,499; Etude £3,900. All are available now.