2019 News – AudioWorks At Cranage

The AudioWorks, in the Einstein room, will be featuring a trio of Accuphase products, including the E-270 integrated amplifier, the E-650 class A integrated amplifier, and the DP-560 CD / SACD player / DAC. The amplifiers feature the Accuphase AAVA volume control system, which, say the brand, “completely eliminates distortions associated with the potentiometer and resistor ladder … Read more2019 News – AudioWorks At Cranage

2019 News – PS Excellence at NWAS

Danny from PS Excellence has been in touch to tell us what he’ll be up to at Cranage and it all looks very interesting. In his room he’ll have a modded original Sony PS1 running off a full linear power supply built by Danny. The PS1’s audio is then fed to its very own bespoke … Read more2019 News – PS Excellence at NWAS

2019 News – Audiocounsel At Cranage 2019

Audiocounsel have told us that they will be be playing two systems this year at Cranage The first system will be playing in the morning, before switching to the second system in the afternoon. First System: Heco Direkt Einklang loudspeakers Audion Sterling EL34 amplifier Puresound P10 Phono Stage The new Audio Note TT3 with a … Read more2019 News – Audiocounsel At Cranage 2019

2019 News – Titan Audio Launch Helios Mains Block At Cranage

UK manufacturer Titan Audio will launch their new Helios Mains Block at this weekends North West Audio Show. This is an eagerly anticipated launch as this is the first mains block to feature Titan’s proprietary LSP ( Lossless Surge Protection) technology which they claim will allow full protection of your system without any loss of … Read more2019 News – Titan Audio Launch Helios Mains Block At Cranage

Strictly Stereo At Cranage

Lee From Strictly Stereo has been on touch to tell us he will be at the show and be showing the Dutch & Dutch 8c active speakers (Pictured) with a Well Tempered Lab Simplex 2 turntable, Dynavector 20X2 Low cartridge and P75 MkIV phono stage, Innuos Zen Mk3 running Roon and MiniDSP SHD audio processor. … Read moreStrictly Stereo At Cranage

Supra Cables At NWAS

Supra Cables will be exhibiting at the NW Audio Show, being held at Cranage Hall, Byley Lane, Holmes Chapel, in Cheshire from 29th-30 June 2019.  They will have a limited number of products on Show, including: The Mk 111 Supra Mains Distribution Blocks (in various types – Non-Filtered, Filtered or Surge Protected and featuring from … Read moreSupra Cables At NWAS

Kralk audio To Launch New Floorstanders At NWAS

Kralk Audio, is a one-man band manufacturer of loudspeakers and based in Wakefield, Yorkshire. For those who don’t know, Kralk Audio’s unique and custom finished hand-built range of speakers are designed and manufactured in the UK by Alan Clark with immense passion, precision and (we are told) beer and burgers! On demonstration at the North … Read moreKralk audio To Launch New Floorstanders At NWAS

Absolute Sounds At North West Audio Show

Absolute Sounds is exhibiting at the North West Audio Show this weekend and their line up looks to be what you would expect from a company of this standing. The company will focus on key products from the more affordable end of its portfolio and will demonstrate a system comprising the following components: Metronome Technologie … Read moreAbsolute Sounds At North West Audio Show

Icon Audio At North West Audio Show

“Icon Audio have four exciting new amplifiers at their fourth visit to NWAS2 says the company’s recent press release. They have upgraded and improved their popular Stereo 40 and Stereo 60 integrated amplifiers with higher performance and power. Icon Audio’s new Stereo 300, 300B based amplifier has attracted a lot of attention, getting a rave … Read moreIcon Audio At North West Audio Show

Malvern Audio Research At North West Audio Show

Mark Himself is going to formally launch his own Audio Detail Monos, whose prototypes were seen last year with Universum 3 horns, but this year it will be complete system with the matching preamp based on 101 DHT technology.  Firstr time in the UK in Marks room we are going to present hORNS Symphony model, … Read moreMalvern Audio Research At North West Audio Show

G-Point audio At North West Audio Show

So, here is what we Greg and his team at -Point Audio have prepared for you for this year edition of the wonderful North West Audio Show in Cranage. Big Room: Apple G-Point say they are going to show a marvellous combination of equipment to entertain you  starting from the source : On the digital … Read moreG-Point audio At North West Audio Show

KEF Partner With Chord At North West Audio Show

This year’s North West Audio Show sees KEF showcasing their R11 loudspeakers, the flagship model from the all-new R Series alongside the KEF LSX Wireless Music System. KEF LSX The all-new R Series features no fewer than 1,043 individual changes to the original range. For those that prefer the convenience of wireless connectivity, KEF will also be showcasing the … Read moreKEF Partner With Chord At North West Audio Show

Titan Cables World Exclusive At NWAS

World Exclusive Launch of the Titan Audio Helios Interconnect and Speaker Cable will take place at this year’s North West Audio Show. “With the Helios Speaker and interconnect cables, we really wanted to push the boundaries of what was possible in terms of reducing interference. To this end, the Helios cables are constructed from stranded … Read moreTitan Cables World Exclusive At NWAS